What is personality marketing… really?

I like to think of personality marketing as a process of adding spark to your marketing by adding in character and fun. Your marketing message remains the same but the way in which you deliver that message changes.

Here are four ways to add the personality spark:

Add Character: Character can mean adding an actual character to your marketing arsenal or simply using your pets. By adding a


other than your typical dry professional copy-writing language to your materials you change the tone and voice. Now the character can be a real person like the caveman guys or the gecko both of Geico fame. Without them, it is likely that the company commercials would be less memorable.

Add Voice: Going hand-in-hand with the personality aspect of your marketing is the voice that you use to write the accompanying copy. Now, the obvious choices are, well, obvious. A chihuahua that speaks in a Spanish accent is an obvious choice and it works. But a gecko with an English accent isn’t an obvious choice and it works as well.The idea is to give your copy a spark, to elevate it from mere copy to the idea that someone or something is speaking to you…. not at you. When I use my dogs for characters, I give them each a personality. One is smarter than the other and the language and word choices show that. But I want to make sure you know a dog is talking to you so I sprinkle “woof” and “woofity” into the copy to remind the reader that they are in fact dogs. If you are going to use personality marketing it needs to have some amount of believability so that we as readers listen. You want to get the reader’s attention so you’ve to “get into it” a little! Your product or service and your character will determine the voice and language you use. The character does not have to be directly related to your product but you want to get the reader’s attention. Which brings us to the next item…

Add Commonality: Research shows that if you make a connection with your customer, you are more likely to succeed in reaching and selling them; and selling is the point here. Selling can also mean ‘buy in’, maybe you just want to increase traffic to your blog. When I use my dogs I make a connection with my customers who happen to be pet owners or animal lovers.The Geico gecko works the working class connection. The gecko is just a regular guy (lizard), selling insurance. He’s got a boss, who isn’t portrayed as super bright. Stuff we can relate to as employees. We want to relate even if it’s just animals or inanimate objects turned humanly; think the Chevron cars which are very popular. Characters tend to be cute or funny and causing your customer to smile has a huge effect on their feeling of connectedness to you.

Add Fun: Perhaps the most important factor in achieving a great response to your personality marketing campaign is to have fun. The goal is get the customer involved, make them laugh, make them smile. Getting a response from your efforts creates a huge leap in connecting with your customers. We like to do business with people (characters or not) that we like, that we feel a connection to. Use humor as much as possible.

Most important of all, get out there and do it. It’s effective and fun; your customers will love it.