For the past week and a half I know you guys have been having a blast entering all of the “Just For Baby Giveaway Hop” prize packages…… and during that time I have been battling a nasty sinus infection on top of being very very pregnant. In fact I realized today this is the longest I have ever been pregnant and well I am just ready to hold this lil girl.

And that is how I came to realize that I didn’t tell you all the awesome features of the prize you have a chance of winning here, so let’s get to it! This product comes from The First Years which are known for so many great products including car seats, travel gear, feeding, health/safety, bath/potty, sleep, body care, and toys. Today I’m going to tell you about one of their awesome feeding products – Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat.

What makes this seat so awesome is that it is the only feeding seat you will ever need from birth until your little one is old enough to sit in a big person chair. Plus since it attaches to an adult chair you won’t be taking up tons of space with a full size high chair. That is a big plus in our house because we have very limited space. When you open the box this is what you will find.

I loved how simple this feeding seat was to assemble. Everything clicked/snapped together and absolutely no tools were needed. within minutes everything was together and ready for chowing down! The reason this is the only seat you will need from approximately birth to four years (50 pounds) is because it has so many different adjustments you can make. There are five different recline positions from sitting straight up to a very deep recline which is perfect for bottle feeding or introducing those first foods. Since we will introduce baby food at about 5 to 6 months I most likely won’t use the deepest recline, but one or two above that. Check out the huge difference in recline levels available. And all of these reclines are achieved with a simple pull and twist of a latch in the very front of the seat.

You can also adjust the height of this seat by flipping the panels underneath.

Plus when your baby becomes a toddler the Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat allows you to remove the seat back and that portion of the seat padding to create a low back padded booster seat so they can eat directly at the kitchen table instead of off their own tray. Speaking of the tray – I love how large it is and with a deep cup holder so that your little one isn’t constantly having their cup fall to the floor…. well that is until they learn the pick up game, but that’s a whole different story, hehe. Oh and the seat padding seems very easy to clean which is super important because babies and toddlers are messy little creatures – I definitely know from experience.

I wish I could have shown you this seat in action, but of course little Willow has decided to continue baking. And well when it comes to Alleigh and Kaelyn since they have moved to big people chairs there is no way on earth I would be able to get them back in a “baby seat” – their words! And I want to remind ya… when using this seat it must be securely strapped to a chair with a back and the seat of the chair must be wider than the seat of the Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat. I love knowing that I will never have to get another feeding seat for Willow and that this seat won’t be taking up gobs of space in our kitchen. Plus you can snag it at an awesome price – $39.99 – don’t get much better than that!

Be sure to visit The First Years website and check out all the other awesome products they have available. And psssst…. a little birdie told me that soon there will be a review and giveaway right here at Happenings of the Harper Household for the Home & Away Portable Digital Video Monitor!