Tablets are cute, innovative, and just plain cool. These new representations of “coolness” are only for teenagers and college students, right? Or are they? After reading this article, I hope you will reconsider your stance on this.
With the massive launch of these internet devices, one has to wonder if they are a businessperson’s best friend in disguise. At first glance, a touch screen internet device seems to be little more than a toy for goofballs who spend endless hours messing around on the internet. However, if one takes a deeper look at just what these stylish little beacons of innovation can do, it becomes blatantly apparent that tablets can do everything a demanding business user needs and more. Trix may be for kids, but tablets aren’t.
These internet devices are rocking a futuristic design and lightning fast speed all in one little unit. Browsing the internet is a breeze and all of the features one would expect from a desktop or laptop are also present in a tablet computer. Once you get used to the touch screen keyboard design (which isn’t difficult) you will happily use your internet device and never look back. In some cases, Android tablets are even faster than their old fashioned counterparts.
The ultra portability and intuitive operation of these innovative pieces of history make them a great choice for professionals like doctors, attorneys, architects, and so on; people who move around frequently to interact closely with clients. These internet devices are helpful for professionals who have a need to show information or projects directly to clients. This can’t easily be accomplished with a traditional laptop!
People who work in an office will find value in a tablet as well. They take up less space on the desk, can easily be taken home for after-hours work, and can tag along to meetings and other work-related functions for easy note taking. Just imagine, the concept of the cubicle may soon be a thing of the past; we will no longer be bound to the chains of an office. Overall productivity at work also increases when office employees are equipped with one of these.
Business computers don’t have to be boring in order to be respected. Who says a businessman or woman can’t get work done and have a little fun in the process? With tablets, they can and they will. This is the future of computing. Get ready for it!
Susan Slobac is a consultant in the handheld electronics industry. Susan writes about trends in tablet amp; internet device.