I have learned that online writing can be a very lucrative business. Many people are making writing there full time income. I am on my way to doing this myself. It is so fulfilling to know I can make money from home, doing something I enjoy doing. If this is something you are interested in, you have to learn to manage the writing as if it was your business.
Open an email account that you will use for your writing business. You want to have this account to separate your business and personal emails. There are a lot of emails coming from writing sites, you do not want to miss something that is important.
Have a paypal and bank account for your business. Your finances will start to increase over time; you want to have it separate from your personal money. Pay yourself, and expenses out of these accounts. Having these accounts will also help you during tax time.
Track your progress with each site. You want to have something to refer to so you see how you should proceed with each site. Some sites may bring in a substantial amount of money, and others may not. You want to be able to determine your successes and failures. It will prevent you from spending more time than needed on a site that does not pay well.
Focus more of your time on sites that pay well. I am not saying give up on the ones that do not, they may surprise you in the future. In my experiences, some sites pay well at first, and then drop dramatically later. There have also been site that I thought would never pay well. After I built up my library for the site, the income increased. Give a site a chance; they may be a great income site.
Never put all of your interests in one site. There are many paying sites available online. Find a couple of sites to begin with, and then expand. Sites do come and go, and the pay for each site may change. You do not want to have all of your work on one site then something happens to it. I am currently writing for three different sites. In doing this, I am increasing and protecting my income at the same time.
You should make goals for any business, this goes for writing as well. Think of your goals as a personal business plan. Decide on specific goals for your business. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can make long-term goals as well, but be sure the short-term goals can lead you to reach them. Never get discouraged if you do not reach a goal in a week. Just look at it as a learning experience, and focus on reaching it the following week.
Start an excel worksheet for your business. If you do not use excel, find another way to track everything. Use this to keep track of every sites income, and progress. I track my monthly articles, income, and expenses on my worksheet, there should be something you can refer to so you can see your progress at a glance. With this, you can see what is working well and where you want to improve.
Save all of your articles to a personal file. This is a backup for articles that could be removed from a site, or in case, there is a malfunction. You will also have it if you would like to rework it, and put it on another site.
Start an individual file on your computer for your business. Keep it all separate from the other files. Be sure to back up the file as well. This file should contain anything that pertains to your business.
Writing can be a great business for anyone wanting to work from home. You can work around your family’s schedule. It may take a little time to see your progress, but the wait is well worth it. Keep focused, and do not get discouraged. You will see a great income begin to come in.