Making blog comment is a great way of link building. You can make huge traffic in your site by commenting in various blogs. It is also very important for SEO (Search engine optimization). When you make a do follow comment in a blog then the search engine will count a backlink for SEO, which is really very good for getting a large number of traffic in your site by search engine.

For making a good and effective SEO friendly blog comment, we need to follow some tips. If you can’t make an effective comment, then your comment will not so helpful for your site. So, today I’m going to tell you the best 11 tips of blog commenting SEO.

1. Similar Blog for comment-

Before start your comment, find some blogs that are similar with your topic. If you leave your comments in those blogs which are not similar of your niche, then your comment will not work very well. For example: if your site is about technology and if you leave your comment in beauty tips site, then it will not so helpful for you. Because: those visitors, who in the beauty tips site, they will not so interest to technology.

So, find some blogs which are similar with your topic. It’s not so hard thing. Just go to Google, type “your niche + blogs”; then you will get your similar sites.

2. Popular sites to comment-

When you have done to collect a huge list of your niche similar blog; then pick only the popular blogs among them. Because, popular sites have some of their own visitors and they also get many visitors from search engines. So, if those visitors read your comment, then they will be attractive to come in your blog.

To find popular site you can take the help of Google page rank or Alexa rank.

3. Make the post related attractive comment-

Now time to leave comments. When you leave a comment in a post, make sure the speeches you have wrote, that are related with the post. For example: If the post is about a SEO tool, then leave your comment by focusing the SEO tool.

Also, try to make an attractive comment. Don’t put any shortcut comment, Like: Nice, Thanks, Excellent post etc. Because, the site admins are consider those this of comment, as spam comment.

4. Do follow-

When you start to commenting on a blog for effective seo, make sure this blog accept do follow comments. If you leave your comment in no follow blogs, then it will not helpful if SEO. For example: The wordpress sites are normally set as “No follow” settings and if you put your link in this type of no follow site, then it will not accept as a do follow link. So, put your comment as do follow. Here I gave you an example of Do follow link code- Rikon.

6. Your Main link & individual link-

When you choose a blog for commenting, and then select two posts to comment. One post for your main URL and another for your individual link.

7. Asking and Answering-

It’s a great thing which I like very much. If you find other people are asking questions or looking for others attention, so if you leave a reply then your comment will be attractive to the asker person. If somebody does this in my blog, I obviously love it. Because, it can make discussions in my blog.

8. Formatted Comments-

If you can make formatted post in your site. So, why can’t you make formatted text in your comment?

A formatted text can make your comment more attractive to the visitors. You can format your text as Bold or italic style. I show there are many blogs, which give you this opportunity to leave you formatted comment by HTML code.

9. Make an effective comment for the readers and bloggers-

It’s a great thing that can take another attention. When you leave your comment, try to make it long and helpful for readers. For example- If the author of the post skips any point of the post, which is important, then you can highlight this point by your comment. So, your comment will attractive for everyone.

10. Make your comment in the upper side of the post-

When you comment in a post, try to stay on the 1, 2, 3 position of the post with your comment. So, the readers will show your comment first. But if you can’t do this, you can take one more step. That is, you can make a reply the comments which are in the first position.

11. Take the name of the blogger-

It’s a great thing for the bloggers. If you take the name of the blogger in your comment, then your comment won’t consider as a spam comment. And another thing, it shows respect and attention to details.