AirPhotos by Retina-X Studios is a simple, handy, mobile photo manager for quick and easy transfer of your Android / BlackBerry photo album to your full screen browser with WI-FI.

This is a complete wireless application to use and manage your mobile photos. Just download, install and run the app on your smartphone. Select the photo(s) you want to view, open the address in your browser and you will see a slideshow of the photos you have selected.


Retina-X Studios commenced business as a web design and consulting firm in July 1997. After completing a string of successful spy software solutions for external clients, Retina-X Studios set about building its very own advanced spy software products to be promoted under the Retina-X Studios brand. The inaugural product was AceSpy, commercially released in April 2003. This was followed by a succession of revolutionary and highly acclaimed spy software products, including the popular Net Spy Pro and Mobile Spy. With the success of its Spy Software, Retina-X Studios also ventured into a broader spectrum of mobile utility software with the release of PhoneSheriff, a parental control solution, and Recovery Cop, an anti-theft and recovery solution.

Retina-X Studios swiftly attained worldwide recognition in the industry as the developer of trustworthy and extensively tested software in the mobile utility software niche. Good reviews in publications including Reader’s Digest, PC Pro, T3, Computer Shopper, Computer Buyer and some others, combined with press coverage by major media networks including CNN, BBC and CBS, made the marketing efforts of these products much easier.

Commencing in January 2008, the success of Retina-X Studios’ software propelled the launch of its first commercial off-the-shelf product, now carried by several chains and thousands of retailers nationally. This facilitated a new and convenient channel for distributing this application genre to an ever growing market.

Favorable critiques, press coverage, and prolonged good results have assisted Retina-X Studios expand at a remarkable pace, with revenue growing by over 1600% in a two year period. Bought by over 100,000 clients in more than 150 countries, Retina-X Studios software is regarded as a market leader in this niche.

Retina-X Studios is devoted to delivering the most comprehensive and professional software applications to meet the evolving needs of the users and the shift in technology. The MobileSync Pro, released in 2010, is yet another example of a software product that addressed modern day demands of mobile users and solved some of the common problems faced by a typical mobile user in the era of iPhones and Androids. Retina-X Studios’ Mobile utility software products are extensively used, with exceptional reviews and customer feedback from all over the world. All of the software products are built with end user in mind, developed using cutting-edge technologies and based on proven methodologies and are extensively tested under different environments including diverse mobile platforms, ensuring total customer satisfaction.