Gamers spend countless hours on the couch in front of their screen. If you’re getting tired of your regular computer desk. You feel that you don’t want to spend too much money on the new one and you’re looking for best budget gaming desk under $200 in 2021?Well, look no further, I’m Armanto and on my blog, I review best computer desks, both for work and gaming desks. Perhaps you have read my article about best computer desk under $200? If not, feel free to take a look.

A gaming computer desk specifically designed to satisfy your gaming needs. Whether you are playing PC or console, I’m sure that you’ve invested so much money into your gaming gear(gaming PC, spectacular big monitor, mechanical keyboard, gaming headset, fps gaming mouse, etc). So you should consider getting a good gaming desk.

Finding the best gaming desk for you mostly comes down to personal preferences people will have different wants and needs for their own home. You may all be wondering what I did take into account when I wrote this list?


Budget always comes into the first consideration when buying a new desk. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford.You shouldn’t only choose for a lucrative offer but also look whether the gaming desk is offering the right features or not.I checked all the inexpensive gaming computer desk under $200 on the Amazon and read carefully specifications of them.  Then I read reviews of people using it and picked just 7 the best ones.


After knowing the price of the desk you’re planning to purchase, ergonomics should be your next priority after the price, especially for professional gamers. It’s about the desk with a suitable height and comfortable gaming chair combo to create the most optimal postures that can increase your energy and alleviate the pain from sitting for long periods of time. There are certain major features that are essential when it comes to ergonomics desk including it has an adjustable keyboard drawer underneath, sufficient desk surface, a built-in footrest, and rounded front edge.

Ergonomic Sitting Chair Posture by

Knowing the different types of material are important as well. Here are the types of materials you should consider while selecting gaming desk:

Wood. The solid Wood desk is an investment furniture and timelessly classic. You can feel the sturdiness and vintage charm also – it’s reliable and long-lasting. You can go with hardwoods like maple, walnut, mahogany, and oak. But, if you prefer the lightweight and less expensive option, you may be interested in softwoods like pine, spruce, and fir.

See My Basic Set of Tools for the Woodworking(DIY Project)

Glass. Glass gaming desks are as good a choice as any and it can last several years. Glass desks give you sleek and modern look for your space. Also, Glass desks are usually lighter than wooden or metal ones. However, the glass material will expose fingerprints and more fragile than other materials. You can choose a tempered glass to avoid injury by broken glass

Metal. Metal gaming desks, otherwise called steel frame desks, are stylish as well as durable, it’s durable and more affordable. Some metal desks design is combining wood and metal for a sturdy construction and industrial style but other versions of metal desks can be found, sometimes with glass surfaces. Other advantages are it can be lightweight and budget-friendly.

The shape of the desk

Last but definitely not least, you have to decide the shape of the desk. Gaming computer desks come in a wide variety of shapes that you can choose including L-shaped desk, U-shaped desk or the classic rectangular shape. The L-shaped desk is my personal favorite because it is uniquely designed and can be placed in a corner(clever space-saving solution) also surprisingly affordable. I feel U-shaped desk seem like a little too much space needed while the rectangular shape doesn’t seem like enough.

I hope my comparison of gaming computer desks under $200 will answer your question if you’re trying to decide which one is best for you.

Below you will find various types of gaming desk, it’s crucial when you want to keep good posture and keep the comfort level high during playing a video game so you can concentrate on screen forget about what happen to our outside world for while. It also avoids you to suffering from back lower back pains.

Here’s my list of quality & best gaming desks under $200 of 2018:

1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

This L-shaped corner desk from Walker Edison Furniture Company is a great choice for gamers and a perfect example of a compact gaming computer desk where keeps everything within easy reach. The desk is surprisingly sturdy, it can hold a large gaming desktop and it is a space-saving solution. You can put the useful keyboard tray on either side(optional), it also slides smoothly. You will be impressed with the tempered glass quality because it is absolutely thick and strong, It’s got a luxurious look to it.

The dimensions of this Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece corner desk are accurate(51″ W x 20″ D x 29 ” H). This desk available in five colors: black, multi, silver, smoke, and white. The desk feels solid and doesn’t look cheap at all, it’s super easy to assemble, the only needed tool is a Phillips screwdriver to put the whole keyboard drawer together. What more could you ask for at this price range, right? They probably didn’t miss anything! So, it’s time to upgrade your gaming set up.

The Good:

You can finish the setup in less than an hour
Easy to follow assembly instructions
Unbeatable price
Very elegant looking
The glass finish is really easy to clean
Perfect size, it holds desktop, multi-monitor, full-sized keyboard with numeric pad, gaming mouse, speakers, etc.
The desk has very good reviews on Amazon and many sales!

The Bad:

The desk collects fingerprints and dust easily

2. Atlantic Gaming Desk – Not Machine Specific

Atlantic is a well-known name in the gaming computer desk world, and my recommended pick from this manufacturer is this type. This is a smartly designed for your dedicated game room, it allows you to customize just how you want it. It not only looks fabulous, but the really clever bit is that the Atlantic gaming desk has a good cable management system in the back which is very useful and easy to use. It’s lightweight, very strong and one of the most affordable in this price range. I can tell that they made every effort to bring the best value while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The desk measures(L x W x H) are 49.25 x 26.75 x 40.25 inches (125 x 68 x 102  cm). It fits console, 17 – 27 inches monitor, mousepad, Elgato game capture, etc.That’s not all there are other cool features of this ergonomic desk. it features speaker holders to keep your desk neat and organized. If you’re looking for a small-footprint model then this gaming desk is a very good choice for you.

The Good:

A lot of customizations
One of most popular computer desk in this price range on the market
Impressive look and has a very sturdy feel
The setup was quick, easy and painless
The desk looks great, nice and solid
Surprisingly spacious gaming area

The Bad:

Monitor stands are not stable enough to hold dual monitors
Lack of a keyboard tray, but you are a gamer with a big gaming keyboard, you may never use it, right?


3. Tribesigns Computer Desk, 55″ Large Office Desk Computer Table Study Writing Desk for Home Office

The Tribesigns computer desk is a little bit expensive option than the two previous desk that I mentioned above, for sure, but you get what you pay for. As you may expect, this desk features metal legs and adjustable leg pads that gives it an executive look. This Tribesigns computer desk also gets high praise for its solid construction which makes it sturdy, stable, and perfect for long-term use. The assembly was quite easy and didn’t take very long either. The main key to its design is actually the adjustable feet, that are ideal for uneven floor surfaces.

The dimensions(Length x Width x Height) of this desk are 55 x 23.6 x 29.2 and thanks to many colors to choose, it will look great in every gamer’s space. You can choose black, teak, walnut or white. Also, great thing about this Tribesigns desk is fact that it has large surface area and the surface is really smooth, you can tell that it doesn’t look cheap at all. It has so many positive reviews on Amazon(click here to read reviews)

The Good:

Simple assembly
An incredibly sturdy desk
Lot of space to put your gaming stuff
You will not find a better quality desk in this price range
Metal legs give the desk a modern/industrial style

The Bad:

It is quite heavy
The assembly instructions are not detailed enough
The desk edges are so sharp

4. Need Computer Desk 47″ Computer Table with BIFMA Certification Sturdy Office Desk Writing Desk

Need computer desk is the best choice for people who like typical design of gaming computer desk. The desk dimensions(L x W x H) are 47.3 x 23.7 x 29 inches (120 x 60 x 74 cm). Assemble is easy, fast and feels sturdy once assembled. It took about 20 – 40 minutes to put together. Nice thing is also it provides lots of room to feel like you had such a big gaming space. The manufacturer gives us four colors of desk: black, teak with white leg, teak with black leg, and white.

If you are a tall guy you might want to buy a bigger model. You can order 55 or 63 inches length, but unfortunately bigger size means bigger price. It has sharp desk edges, I would recommend the desk forearm support to protect your arm and wrist, also reduce static muscle loading in lower back. It comes with strong metal frame & legs.The legs also adjustable to make the desk more stable on uneven surfaces. Required hardware and tools for desk installation were provided and it makes assembly easy and stress-free.

The Good:

You can choose from 4 different colors(black, teak with white leg, teak with black leg, and white)
Lightweight and compact
Relatively affordable compared to other Need computer desk
Computer desk with good price/quality balance
Sturdy and long-lasting
Over 200 positive reviews!

The Bad:

The desk is too narrow
Rough or sharp desk edges

5. Altra Furniture Dakota Space Saving L Desk with Hutch

The Space Saving L Desk with Hutch represents a rethinking of one of Altra Furniture’s most successful computer desks. It’s no wonder. The desk has pretty solid feels and, naturally, is given a nod by many customers for having plenty of space(including leg space). This means you can be confident that you are purchasing a great corner desk to create the gaming space you needed. This desk comes in three colors(dark russet cherry, espresso/rustic medium oak, and walnut). It earns praise for its decent quality, simplicity, and affordability.

You’ll get the benefits of ergonomic design, The Altra Furniture offers a sturdy and stable once you assembled the desk, the top surface able to accommodate necessary gaming and work accessories.The height of the desk is comfortable for your gaming chair. However, I would recommend two persons to put together to get things done and more easily. The dark russet cherry color suits all kinds of furniture you have around your gaming space.

The Good:

Functional minimalist desk
It has good cable management, simplify your cables for a comfortable, clutter-free gaming surface
Clear and very detailed instructions
Lightweight design that assembles in 30 – 50 minutes
Nice color choices

The Bad:

The desk has quite sharp edges
Some of the pre-drilled holes weren’t aligned properly

6. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage

Prepac is one of the most innovative modern furniture brands in the world since 1979. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk is another example of very good and inexpensive for many computer desks on the market. It gives your gaming space that unique, futuristic and stylish look. The floating feature gives you a way to increase your bench space and your storage without taking up too much space. This particular design is especially good because of its versatility and functionality. The desk is made out of smooth MDF and heavy particle board and it also has durable metal legs.

The assembly instructions are really clear and straightforward. When fully assembled, The Prepac floating desk measurements(L x W x H) are 44.5 x 22.5 x 3.5 inches (113 x 57 x 9 cm), large enough to hold your gaming equipment and accessories. It comes with espresso color, you can combine it with any wood furniture color in your gaming room. The wall-mounted floating desk is a customer favorite based on many positive reviews(click here to read reviews)

The Good:

Fancy design
Perfect for limited gaming space
Pretty easy to install the desk
Low price
Strong and sturdy construction

The Bad:

This is one heavy desk
It took around 2-3 hours to set up

7. Z-Line Claremont Desk

There are several reasons why the Z-Line Claremont Desk is considered one of the best gaming desk, designed to be sturdy, reliable, and strongly supportive. The desk is very inexpensive comparing it to the materials used and how remarkably well-built it is. It has a spacious metal surface area and real wood main legs. The Claremont features a great size pullout keyboard tray along with space for a mouse. There is a lot of space underneath it for your legs to stretch, making it very comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Basic tools for assembly are included. The dimensions(L x W x H) are fairly similar to most computer desks when assembled, which is 53 x 28.5 x 5.5 inches (134 x 72 x 14 cm). Extra hardware also included for your convenience. The Z-Line Claremont Desk even comes with a 1-year limited warranty in case it has any damages, click here for more information about it. The Z-Line Claremont is something that I proudly recommend.

The Good:

Superb quality, sturdy and does not wobble at all
Thick tempered glass
Classy and elegant design
Simple and easy to set up
Plenty of room underneath the desk surface that you can comfortably stretch your legs

The Bad:

Small keyboard tray
The assembly instructions could be better